Spectral Schematics

Performances at:
Rosas Performance Space, Brussels
Théâtre de Vanves, Vanves/Paris in the frame of the Camping event hosted by the Centre National de la Danse,
June 2015, Ada Studio Berlin
October 2015, laborgras Berlin,
February 2016, The National Palace for the Arts Sofia in the frame of Sofia Underground Festival, April 2016
Dancers version 1: Nina Berclaz, Corina Kinnear, Lea Pischke
Dancers version 2: Nina Berclaz, Eva Chauvet,
Iliana Kalapotharakou, Lea Pischke
Dance research collaborator: Émilie Jacomet
Recordings and speeches: Jacques Derrida, Francis Fukuyama, George Bush and Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Goebbels
Sound design: Lea Pischke
Documentation: Steven De Belde

What is form in the unfolding of a sound? How does it develop over time and
how rigid is it? When does a shape appear, when does it vanish? Spectres of the past
will come and haunt us in the present. The end of time has not come, yet.
We are not in the best of all worlds.
Where are we?


Performance in Brussels: Spectral Schematics”, showing, 2015, Brussels from Codices-Discendi on Vimeo.

Performance in Paris: Spectral Schematics – laborgras février 2016 from Codices-Discendi on Vimeo.