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  • Deutsche Oper Berlin

    Performing and teaching @ Deutche Oper

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    Los Angeles

  • Gyrotonic Instructor

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  • Nella Ombra
  • ĭn-dŭs′trē-əl
  • Skingraft
  • Spectral Schematics

11 October, 2017


It is said that when planning revenge one should dig two graves. This is perhaps an easily accomplished […]

11 September, 2017

Interface Seattle

Residency in Seattle at MadArt with artist Erica Badgley and Tectonic Marrow Society.  Follow […]

With his HUGENOTTEN, Giacomo Meyerbeer brought one of the greatest massacres of European history to the […]

16 October, 2016

Parsifal – Deutsche Opera

Richard Wagner’s PARSIFAL tells the story of a “pure-hearted fool”, who is unaware of […]