Artist Statement

As a choreographer, I have developed productions as a medium of an artful expression of reality as well as a form of entertainment.  My goal is to create a mood that transports the audience into a place where they can appreciate details in humanity that sometimes are not recognized as well as enjoy the emotional expression, physicality, and shape of dance as a medium of art.

Welcome to Berlin Event from Corina Kinnear on Vimeo.


Past Productions:



Art Installation by Gina Teichert of San Francisco
Photos by Babette Delafayette of Seattle
naked. : an exploration of the nude human body through dance theatre by Corina Kinnear

How many times have you looked at a non-sexualized nude form?  My answer is little to none.  Living and working in Europe these past three years, for the first time I experienced communal showers, nude beaches, and saunas. While trying not to be voyeuristic, I became fascinated with my own curiosity in what the human body looks like when it is not skillfully shaped by clothing or posed for viewing in the way that is societally-prescribed as “most beautiful.”  Nudity in art is nothing new, but marketing of what the body “should look like” is at a new level of infiltration, and it has become easy to lose track of what bodies actually look like.  How do we feel about the nude body?  Beautiful, ugly, interesting, confusing.  I invite you to be a voyeur with me and explore the multiplicity of your feelings on the naked body.
An analytical conversation. First questions for the artists.  Then, the audience is questioned and becomes the focus of the study.  All conversation will be recorded as data on the perception of naked.
17 different Los Angeles indie bands finish the night with an unplugged music set.





December of 2016 Corina was awarded a residency to create a production at Tanz Fabrik in Belin.  5 International dancers made up the cast for a production that was an experimental creation.  Dance Critic Lucy VanCleef’s observations in her blog article: http://lucyvancleef.weebly.com/blog/the-experiment


April 23rd 2014 Corina was given a residency to create a production in the MiMoDa Studios.  With a varied cast of 12 unique artists and innovative creation process, the show was an enormous success, selling out with standing room only.



A Piece



August  16th-18th 2013 in Parker Colorado. The event created dance that brought avant-garde work to the suburb of Parker.  The cast of acclaimed professional dancers performed a mix of styles from classical ballet to hip-hop in a fusion woven together with theatricality. The performance was preceded by an art show featuring local and national visual artists and include live music performed by concert pianist Evan Pilate.



Vail Dance Project

Vail Dance Project 2013
Corina produced the Vail Dance Project which performed work August 4th 2013 in Solaris Plaza of Vail Village during the Vail International Dance Festival.

Choreography was created and performed by artists Rachael Elliott (San Francisco), Amanda Copple (Denver), and Kari Sea (Glenwood Springs).

Some of the choreography from the show will also be touring to San Francisco where Corina Kinnear and Rachael Elliott will be performing at The Garage as a part of Rachael Elliotts residency she has received to create work.  Performances August 28th and 29th 2013.


20130209-233520.jpgDivergent Paths ​July 2012

Corina Kinnear  produced and choreographed three full-length programs that were performed in black box theaters in Denver and in the Denver Metro Area.  These were collaborative and avant guard theatre dance productions that featured the choreography of the dancing performing artists as well as live music by concert pianist Evan Pilate.

Light Reflections ​December 2001

Corina Kinnnear’s first full length production featuring: Dan MontEton, Morgan Flahive-Foro, Krista Marshall, Elise Zanotti, Abby Pitchford, Byron Roman, Kim Kinnear, Julie Anderson, Joanna Curley