Invertigo Dance Theatre

Invertigo Dance Theatre is a Los Angeles company committed to becoming a performing
arts institution which makes a lasting impact on the cultural
landscape of the city by: creating and building a pre-eminent
reputation for dance theatre that is exciting, thought-provoking
and accessible; making dance performances and classes available to
communities which might not otherwise have access to them to
promote physical and/or artistic empowerment; bringing dance
classes to the physically-challenged, including people living with
long-term degenerative conditions; taking a curatorial role in the
Los Angeles dance community, giving diverse artists opportunities
to collaborate, network and develop new work with professional
dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, sculptors, painters
and videographers, as well as designers in costumes, set, lighting
and sound; eventually developing our own space dedicated to
rehearsals, performances, professional and community classes, and
administrative work; paying company members and commissioned



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